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Acoustic Zoom's rich "texture" imaging of gravel layer

Prof. Nicholas Pace - Consultant (PhD., FIOA)

Acoustics physics specialist from the University of Bath, England; consultant on the AZ beam-forming protocols and co-inventor with Guigne on Acoustic Zoom related patents.


We are an advanced geophysics company specializing in innovative seismic solutions. Established in January 2012 as a JV between PanGeo Subsea Inc. and Global Geophysical Services Inc., Acoustic Zoom Inc. has grown to create innovative patented and patent-pending technologies proven to enhance the value of seismic surveys.

Led by CEO and Chief Scientist Professor Jacques Yves Guigné, (DSc., PhD, P.Geo, FIOA) along with a highly skilled team of experts in Acoustics, Geophysics and Geology, Acoustic Zoom is an advanced geophysics company specializing in seismic answer products for mapping the character of complex geological formations and reservoirs.

Established in January 2012  between PanGeo Subsea Inc. and Global Geophysical Services Inc, the company has left its development phase and is emerging into the commercial arena. 


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Robert Bruce Lilly - Knowledge Management & Technology Facilitator (B.A., P.W.)

 Directly involved in strategic planning, IP development, management and in securing grants. Responsible to ensure that all contract milestones are met and all project deliverables are made available in accordance with the client contract terms. 

Bill Hunt - Software Engineer (B. Eng.)

Extensive experience in software development and commercial level programming and product delivery. He is part of the team which is responsible for developing the Acoustic Zoom® software suite.



Acoustic Zoom® (AZ) offers unique resolution and focusing ability for 3D & 4D seismic imaging in land and

AZ uses steerable “pencil” acoustic beams, instead of conventional broad beam patterned acquisition and processing protocols, to achieve higher resolution at higher frequencies than is typically seen.

Its purpose-designed array on the surface steers a precise acoustic beam deep into the reservoir via phased array signal processing methods.

These steerable “pencil” beams represent the fundamental difference between AZ and conventional seismic: AZ allows for focused, high-resolution seismic detail associated with the diffused and/or diffracted character in areas of geological interest, while conventional seismic provides a broader, lower-resolution image with marginal focusing ability to resolve subtle complex discontinuities in formations such as caused by fractures.

Neil Phillips - Chief Financial Officer (B.Comm)

Has more than 25 years of financial management experience. He is a Chartered Accountant.  Serves as the CFO of Acoustic Zoom.


Prof. Jacques Yves Guigné - CEO and Chief Scientist (DSc., PhD, P.Geo, FIOA):

Oversees all field data acquisition operations and processing.  Experienced managing complex oil & gas seismic site surveys for various geophysical contractors and operators. Inventor of the AZ Intellectual Property and recipient of many geophysical related awards including the 2013 Rayleigh Medal

Ryan Laidley - Research Geophysicist (B. Eng.)

Part of the geophysical processing team. He is involved in processing and visualization software along with interpretation.


Acoustic Zoom HQ Directly Facing Conception Bay, North Atlantic Ocean

Gary Dinn - Vice President of Marketing

Professional Engineer and consultant with 3 decades’ experience in technology development, subsea survey, geotechnical and mining industries. Holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) and has worked on offshore surveys around the world.  Was a founder of Rutter Technologies, serving on its board from inception through public listing, and also served as Vice-President of PanGeo Subsea Inc., leading a team of scientists and engineers developing new sub-bottom geotechnical imaging technology.

Adam O. Gogacz - Vice President of Advanced Geomathematics (M. Sc.)

With extensive depth in abstract and applied mathematics, physics, geophysics, geology, and software development, and in addition to leading the research, development, and production teams, Adam defines data acquisition parameters and manages field operations. Adam oversees conventional and diffraction/texture-enhanced processing; moreover, Adam researches and develops software for signal analysis, single and multidimensional filters and transforms, beamforming, migrations, imaging, inversion, and medium parameter estimation.